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Soul Calibur II

Sound: 10

Control: 10

Graphics: 10(bagillion)

Fun Factor: 10

Camera: 10

Would you have friends over to play this game? Most definetely


This game is probably the best fighting game to end all fighting games. I cannot find anything wrong with this game. I'm still playing this game constantly. Of course, if you've been playing video games before that damn Xbox, and you bought this game, you probably bought this game for Link. Now don't get me wrong, Link is extremely cool and he was my primary character at first, but I am the only one who can see his cheapness. Mike doesn't think he's cheap because, duh, he likes to be Link, but having fool-proof attacks and to be the only one with projectiles says cheap to me. Willah doesn't think the projectiles are cheap because they're easy to dodge, but right after he said that, he got shot in the face with an arrow 500 feet away. Anyway, to get back on track, this game is G-R-EAT.