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Pacman VS

sound: 10

control: 10

graphics: 10

fun factor: 10

camera: 8

overall: 10

The best thing about Pac-Man VS. is that its FREE! That's right free, when you buy Pac-Man world 2, I-Ninja, or R: racing…something. Its Pac-Man with a new age twist. but the down side is you have to have a GBA, a connector cable (to connect the GBA to the gamecube) and at least 1 friend to play this. But all of that aside this is one of the greatest get together type games. We played it like for two days straight. It has the old school Pac-Man theme but sort of remixed a bit and it was designed by the gaming god, Shigeru Miyamoto And as such has Mario's voice as the announcer (we to thought that was cool). So the graphics are top of the line but the camera takes a toll on your nerves after awhile because the little circle of vision you have is about 3 inches tall and wide. But if you get a piece of fruit you can expand your screen to be able to see most of the maze. After a ghost gets Pac-Man the person that was on the GBA gives it to the person who got him/her and the person who caught Pac-Man's controller goes to the person who just got caught. Its confusing I know. But all in all that's game is great and even thought you can get Pac-Man world 2 for all other can only get Pac-Man vs. for the Gamecube. HA put that In you pipe and smoke it Xbox and PS2! But in recap, this game is free, it's really fun with 3 or more people, you can play for hours and not get board, it was designed by Shigeru Miyamoto, it's only on the gamecube and all of that makes a great game.