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Mario Kart: Double Dash(Mike)



Graphics: 7

Fun Factor: 10+



This is one of the few times (although Nintendo is the master at doing this) that a classic game has been taken and made into some thing better. The game series is one of a kind and, although spawning many rip offs over the years this is still the best racing game, ever. The game play is straightforward; you press A to go and B to break. And of course there's the items. Turtle shells, stars, lightning bolts, mushrooms, put all this together as well as another rider and you have the recipe for an absolutely great game. Every character has their own special item. Mario & Luigi have fireballs, Wario & Waluigi have bom-oms, Baby Mario & Baby Luigi have giant chain chomps that pull your kart at break-neck speeds and so on. The best part is indefinitely, the multiplayer. Also, every character has his or her own kart, most of the are just remakes on karts you already have, but each kart does have its own stats so choose wisely. Like with us I play as Mario (of course), Ryan plays as Luigi, I drive he tosses items. And Bacon plays as ether Waluigi or King Boo, he drives, and Willah plays as ether Bowser JR or Petie Pirana, he tosses items. And although Me ad Ryan always win (we are just more competitive, oh and better) we still have the best time while playing this game. If you're a fan or not, go and pick up this game today, you'll love every moment of it.