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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy



Graphics: 8

Fun Factor: 10

Overall: 10

In Star Wars Jedi Academy, you play through as a student at Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy(obviously) as a Padewan of Kyle Katarn named Jaden. There are a lot of improvments over the previous Jedi Knight games such as the fact that you actually start the game with you lightsaber, character creation, and new multiplayer games(2-on-1 aka Power Duel[episode 1], and siege). You can also eventually choose two play with two lightsabers(episode 2) or a staff lightsaber(darth maul). This game introduces new characters, as well as old favorites. Jedi academy is also the first Jedi Knight game to use custom character creation. You can choose from races such as Kel Dor(Jedi Master Plo Kloon), Rodian, Zabrak, Twi'lek, and Human. All in all, Jedi Academy is the best Jedi Knight game to date.