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Brute Force

sound: 8

controls: 10

graphics: 10

camera: 9

fun factor: 8

overall: 8

Out of my 4 main homies who are pretty much all equally into gaming as me, I'm the one who likes shooters the most. And if you do not have friends who like coop shooters DO NOT GET THIS GAME FOR YOU WILL NOT BEAT IT ALONE! Also, if you are excited to be Flint, the sniper, you will be highly disappointed. Most of the fighting is made so all of you have to be in the frontlines. Once in a while, you will find a nice 4 foot high "tower" or pile of sandbags on a hill whichcan be easily accessible from behind. Replay value of this game is somewhat low, seeing as how once you beat a level it's very boring to do it over again. The bad guys always respawn in the same spot.