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AquaMan: Battle for Atlantis


Control: 8

Graphics: 8

Fun Factor: 9

Would you have friends over to play this game? -Not unless you're all hardcore AquaMan fans.

Camera: 9

Overall: 8

1 player, Action/Adventure, 1 memory block for each mission and costume

This game is great.The fighting is non-stop.Best of al you play as the cool AquaMan with the hook hand. Boss battles aren't any thing to scream about really.The enemys block a HELL OF ALOT and combos have you straining your brain to remember 4 of them. You can only call sea life 3 times a level, IF its in the open sea, you can also get bonus coins to be able to call sea life more. All things concitered this game is well worth the $20 price tag