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Welcome to my Shinji Yamaguchi Shrine. I finally worked on the Image Gallery's. They are now split into Black and White and Colour. I hope this makes it easier to navigate the gallery's. There is also a List of her Rurouni Kenshin Doujinshi.

If you have any suggestions on what to add to this little shrine please leave feedback in the Guest Book. Thank you.

This sites rating was changed due to the fact that there is Nudity and some touching. But nothing over the top. If you think the rating is to strong please leave feedback in the Guest Book.

As you can see I have added a new page. This is a List of Kenshin and Tomoe Doujinshi that I would one day like to own. If anyone can help with places to find some of this books that would be greatly appreciated.

Well I have been thinking about it for awhile now and I think I should sell my books, I dont know if anyone is interested but I will be putting them on EBay at the begining of July. I find as much as I love the books, they do just sit in the folders a lot more than I look at them. If you are interest in any of the books before I put them on Ebay please email me. Most books will start at $20AU some I am not selling and the bigger one (Taboo) will be $30AU. Thank you for visiting my page all these years.

Want to buy good quility Doujinshi but can't find it on Ebay or sick of being out bid. Have a look here.

This is another great site that is a proxy bidder on Yahoo!Japan Auctions. I have used this site just this week and I have had no problems at all. The Staff are very Friendly and helpful. So if you would like to buy from Yahoo! Japan but you can't, give these guys a try.

This is where I have been finding a lot of books. To buy the books from this site you will need to go through Celga or one of the other proxy bidder sites.

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