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Hello, and welcome to my little place on the web. I don't doubt you've come here due to long hard wandering across the abyss of cyberspace. Or at least, I kicked your butt and made you come here. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy your visit here, in spite of the fact I've got a giant bazooka pointed at you to prevent your leaving.

-[02-03-06] So, let's begin. Tatsuo has yet to be on at a convenient time for me to effect a move. So that's stalled. Much like my comic, which has just recieved five new strips. Also, Ronixis' comic has been dropped. No updates, no using up my valuable space. Also, some stuff may or may not work in coming days. I am going over my code, and deleting excess crap to squeeze as much space as I can out of this place. I've only got 3 MB left! Also, Maverick has been added to the comic community, and AMage has updated the comic. Delightful, no?
-[12-17-06] Much news. Some of it good. For example, I updated the comic! There are now four strips up. I have also updated AMage's part of the site as well, so there are new strips to be read! The archives are being cleaned up, and I'm going to see about getting some user-friendly coding prepped. Also, the comics are being offered hosting by none other than our very generous forum goer, reader, and dedicated party cameoer Dark Tatsuo! It's entirely possible that by January 12th, we'll have a real website! YAY!
However, there's more. The girl of the month, starting after January, will now be elected democratically. Four choices will be put up on the forum, and you, the readers, will get to vote on who becomes the girl of the month. The links are being cleaned up as I speak, so there's that to look forward to. Also, in my never-ending drive to get subcomics so I can get away with less work, I've recruited Maverick to do a comic strip that should get off the ground for New Year. Finally, I'm encouraging people to play on the forums. No, I'm INSISTING you play on the forums. Go on, go play!
-[11-27-05] My God, it's been a while since I updated this main page, hasn't it? Well, there's the new girl of the month/season/whenever I update. Tifa yet again! Only this time, Christmas regalia. I've formally dropped Shrooms' strip from the site, and replaced with that of my newest apprentice, Aquamarine Mage. Please do read it. Also, the forum has been up for the last month or so, so join up here. Also, I'll be pruning links, so don't mind it if stuff vanishes.

In any case, what I currently have up is one fanfic, a pair of galleries for avatar or "buddy" icons, a small gallery of gifs I happen to like, another pair of galleries for Knights of the Zodiac, a links page, hosting for a pair of subcomics, and most importantly, my Mega Man sprite comic, Insanity Squared!! This is Black Sword, signing off!

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