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Weapons  Forum

Welcome to E-Halo Main. This site is obviously based on Halo and Halo 2. Since this site is going to contain alot of info, i might have to make an, and an Just so you know.


6/10/04-Weapons and Forum
Hey, today I put up the Weapons section, and the forum. The weapons section isnt finished yet, because all it has is the sniper and pistol. By the way, all of these pictures were taken by my friend, -=VIP=- nEmIsIs. I also put up my forum for all you social, although no people are on it yet.

5/24/04-Grand Opening!
Welcome, welcome, and again welcome. Today is gonna be a big day, since it is the grand opening. I will put TONS of stuff on this site, and mabey even walkthroughs (although I doubt it). The only thing I will not put on this site is cool tactics, although I will put some secret spots in various levels, because I dont expect this site to become extremly popular. Also, regarding the secret spots, I found one today, at blue base on Blood Gulch. Its not the indent behind the base on the wall though.