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StudntDrivr Presents: Locking your Enermax Blue Aluminum FAQ
Yes, that's right. Another usless FAQ that will only help a few people in the world. But hey, I'm bored. You got a problem with it, piss off. But let's get started, shall we!

First, find your keys
Yes. That stupid real world task that has many men confused to hell is back. Find your keys, and lock. If you look closely, you can see a screw part at the tip of the key. That's the lock. Got em? Good. All you idiots, find them, then come back.

Take off the hand screw.
Well, this was an easy part. Just unscrew the, well, handscrew. It's easy. Just don't lose it like you did your keys.

Put in the lock. Yes. Time for the hard part. Start it. Get it in. There you go.

Make it tight.
Yes. This is a lock. Make it tight. Damn tight if you want. Especially if you don't want that kid who wipes his nose all over his hand touching your precous 6800 GT.

Pull the key out
Again, not a very hard step. Just pull the damn key out. Is it really that hard?

Have fun.
This is the part where you tell people if they can get to your 6800 GT, they can take it. But of course, they never do, because of this damn usless guide I made for you 30 people who own this case.

If you want to take the lock out and put in the normal screw, just go backwards. Take the 6800 GT back, and put it in. Yeah. Have fun.
My mousepad. Sure, it's seaworld, but it's responsive. The pic is brighter than it really is though. That black is actually black, not grey.