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*pictures show default character

STATS: RAmarls start out with the same MST and TP stats as RAmars, but they eventually exceede their male counterparts in these catagories by a wide margin. As a result, RAmarls can learn new techniques much sooner, and use them with greater proficiency.
Most of the RAmarls other stats go up in a hurry as well, especislly their defence, which surpasses even the RAcasts at level 6. The downside to this new character class is that they have so-so ATP and the worst ATA of any ranger. By offering a little diffrent gameplay experence though, RAmarls are a fun choice for PSO Vetarans.

WEAPONS: Rifles are best early in the game, since their high ATA makes up for the RAmarls weakness in that catagory. After all, nothing's more frustrating than missing two out of every three shots. Later in the game, when the RAmarls ATA picks up a bit, give Mechguns a try. Their limited range is annoying, but the RAmarl has healing techniques to help recover from the extra damage she will take on the front lines, and attack techniques for when you need the extra range.

Starting Stats:
_____________________________________________________ HP: 29|TP: 20|ATP: 18|DFP: 13|MST: 20|ATA: 72|EVP: 36|LCK: 10|