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*pictures show default character

STATS: Never mind that RAmars have the worst MST and TP in the game...At least they have those stats. The new RAmarl is theonly other ranger that can use techniques, so the RAmar's ability to use and occasional Resta or Zonde is pretty good.
But it carries a price; The RAmar has the lowest ATP and DEF out of the four RAngers. So is it worth it? Well...With such low MST, his attack spells will rarely do more than a good rifle shot, so all you need MST and TP for is healing. The ability to use Resta is a big deal if you intend to play online alot. But its not a major factor in offline play.

WEAPONS: RAmars can make mechguns work, since they require an unusually high ATA to be effective. But early on, you'll want to stick with Handguns and Rifles. One Great thing about RAmars is the minimum requirements to use all guns is based on ATA, they'll be able to use powerful new weapons a few levels sooner than the other Rangers. In multi-player games, equip him with a waepon from the shot series. It may not do alot of damage, but it will hit every enemy in the room, and you'll earn obscene ammounts of EXP (you might also earn the contempt of the rest of the party, but that's their problem).

Starting Stats:
_____________________________________________________ HP: 29|TP: 20|ATP: 18|DFP: 13|MST: 20|ATA: 80|EVP: 36|LCK: 10|