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*pictures show default character

STATS: RAcasts are the most powerful Rangers since they have the highest ATA of the class. While their ATA isn't too great early on, they'll be hitting most shots by level 30 or so, and you'll appreciate the fact that those hits do a good 20% more damage than the other Ranger's attacks. His EVP is lacking though, bt thats not necessarily a big deal for this class. Rangers should evade their enemies the old-fashioned way; By staying way out of range and filling them with photon long before they get close enough to attack.

WEAPONS: Stay away from mechguns (yeah, i know about the art), since those benifit the least from the RAcasts added ATP. Rifles and Handguns are the best, and with the strenght to back it up, RAcasts can do some great damage with Shots. When your playing alone, only the RAcast is strong and accurate enough to make the low-powered shots do the job.

Starting Stats:
_____________________________________________________ HP: 33|TP: 00|ATP: 25|DFP: 18|MST: 00|ATA: 76|EVP: 31|LCK: 10|