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*pictures show default character

STATS: High ATA is a big blessing early in the game, especially for Rangers. Early in the game, the odds of hitting a still object with a rifle at near point-blank range are about 50/50. But thats the least of the problems for the RAcaseal, which has the second best ATA in the game. The problem is, the enemies dont really get harder to hit early in the game, so at high levels, and ranger can make just about any shot. Therefor, RAcaseals are only better than RAcasts for the first thirty or forty levels, and then you'll start to pine for the RAcasts power. But on the plus side, RAcaseals have a good DEF. Like RAcasts, they have no Spell abbilities.

WEAPONS: Handguns and Rifles are the way to go early in the game, but later in the game, the RAcaseals high ATA also allow her to use Mechguns effectively. Like the RAmar, she's able to use new guns a bit sooner than the RAcast or RAmarl, and can rack up on EXP in multi-player games by equipping a Shot series weapon. In other words, the RAcaseal can use long range or close-up attacks. She is perhaps the most well balanced ranger, and an ideal character class for novices who arn't interested in techniques.

Starting Stats:
_____________________________________________________ HP: 31|TP: 00|ATP: 20|DFP: 23|MST: 00|ATA: 78|EVP: 31|LCK: 10|