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*pictures show default character

STATS: A very well rounded character, HUnewearls mix a decent attack with the best mental powers of any non-Force characters. Proving once again that nothing can take a bullet like a low-cut halter and a tight miniskirt, these characters have the best Defence and Evasion in the game. Their one flaw is their fairly low attack, which prevents them from doing the sort of heavy damage Hunters depend on, and also keeps them from using more powerful weapons sooner.
In the long run, HUnewearls make up for this with their solid command of the techniques. While they're low on TP early in the game, their high MST allow them to learn an impressive variety of powerful spells.

WEAPONS: As the art suggests, the dagger series is best for this class. The multipule hits compensate for their relatively low ATP, and being in the thick of battle isn't as dangerous for them as it is for other classes of characters that lack their incredible EVP. Sabers are good too, since they have the lowest ATP requirements, but many swords and Partisans may be out of the question.

Starting Stats:
_____________________________________________________ HP: 38|TP: 40|ATP: 30|DFP: 22|MST: 40|ATA: 64|EVP: 60|LCK: 10|