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*pictures show default character

STATS: Well-rounded HUmars mix a good attack score, a limited ability to use techniques, and decent stats in most catagories. Their stats are generally inferior to HUnewearls, but they hava a higher attack, which is a Hunter's daily life.
HUmars offer a good mix of all of the games experiences, as they can use most weapons and many techniques. They're not necessarily an easy character to play, since Hunters have to be out in the front lines for battle. For that reason, you'll want to focus your techniques on recovery spells like Resta and Anti.

WEAPONS: Mix and match the various Hunter weapons to suit the situation, since HUmars have no real specialty. While they can use handguns, their fairly low accuracy makes this impractical early in the game. One tip for all Huntar classes, HUmars in particular, is to spend alot of time strengthening your Mag and making it learn the best Photon Blasts. Since Hunters both deal the most damage and take the most hits, they'll charge up their mags far more often than any other class.

Starting Stats:
_____________________________________________________ HP: 40|TP: 29|ATP: 35|DFP: 17|MST: 29|ATA: 68|EVP: 45|LCK: 10|