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*pictures show default character

STATS: HUcasts have the best attack in the game, and the most HP. Their DFP, ATA, and EVP are respectible as well. The downside? No technique abilities whatsoever. This makes HUcasts the simplest character class to play, since it's pretty much just hack-and-heal... You dont need to worry about techniques, and as an android, you dont even need to worry about traps and most status conditions (except for paralyis and mabey a few hours). This makes them very good characters early in the game, but at very igh levels the other classes mostly catch up with the HUcasts superior stats.

WEAPONS: The only tough decisions you have to make while playing HUcasts are about which weapon to use. With high ATP and ATA, they have easy access to all four of the hunter weapons and the ranger series of handguns. Swords and Partisans are best, since it puts some distance between them and their foes... While HUcasts do have lots of HP, their defensive powers are lacking. At higher levels, experiment with Handguns; high-level HUcasts are almost as Accurate as Rangers, and far more damage.

Starting Stats:
_____________________________________________________ HP: 44|TP: 00|ATP: 35|DFP: 18|MST: 00|ATA: 65|EVP: 35|LCK: 10|