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*pictures show default character

STATS: With a focus on attack, accuracy, and evasion, the HUcaseal is an exelent choice as a close range melee character or a medium ranged assault character. The downside to playing an android, obviously, is that she has no techniques whatsoever. To replace that, she's been given the ability to use traps. The number of traps she gets goes up as she gains levels, and can only be refilled by visiting the hospitial or using a healing rig.

WEAPONS: Because the HUcaseal has higher than normal accuracy ratings, Mechguns seem to be the weapon of choice. Even a crappy one--just a basic gatling with some moderate percentages--really rips groups of enimies to shreads. At three hits per group of shots, you've got a real-world chance of doing 1,000+ damage per combo well before you hit level 50. Just try to do that with even the rarest saber your character can use at level 50. At higher levels (85+), try filling some armor with rare accuracy units--you'd be suprised just how quickly and effectivly she can solo even in ultimate mode. Just remember to keep a solid Handgun in your inventory at all times for those boss characters who stay just out of range of Mechguns.

Starting Stats:
_____________________________________________________ HP: 44|TP: 00|ATP: 35|DFP: 18|MST: 00|ATA: 72|EVP: 35|LCK: 10|