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*pictures show default character

STATS: The FOnewms are the strongest spell-casters in the game. They learn spells the soonest and do the most damage with them, but the suck at everything else. The FOnewm have slightly better ATA than the FOnewearls but worse EVP, so stay away from the enemies. One cool thing about the FOnewm is that many of their stats keep growing at very high levels, even after other classes have maxed out. So if your planning to maxout a Force, this is the best one to use. The bad part, well, there is no way to make the FOnewm look anything more than a deranged jester.

WEAPONS: Since you're going to be concentrating on technique-casting, Wands are the best weapon early in the game when you need the mind boost. Canes and Rods are okay for finishing off weaker enemies, or breaking boxes (DO NOT BRAEK BOXES WITH TECHNIQUES!!!!!), but you dont want to be that close to the heat of battle anyway.

Starting Stats:
_____________________________________________________ HP: 27|TP: 90|ATP: 13|DFP: 07|MST: 60|ATA: 61|EVP: 50|LCK: 10|