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*pictures show default character

STATS: With mental abilities slightly less than FOnewms, FOnewearls are the second best technique user in the game. While they're always a few levels behind the FOnewms in MST, they compensate for their better EVP and DFP. They're the two most similar characters in the game, so it's not a big diffrence. At low levels the Fonewm can learn spells a bit quicker, and they'll be slightly more powerful, while the FOnewearl has a better chance of surviving.

WEAPONS: Early in the game, the typical Force weapons are good for little more than whacking rappies and breaking boxes. If you're so low on TP and fluids that you're actually trying to kill enemies by bopping them on the head, its time to drop a telepipe. With an ATA stat as miserable as their ATP, neither Guns nor Skicers are useful at low levels, so stick with Wands unless you can get a staff or handgun that has a really good special abbility.

Starting Stats:
_____________________________________________________ HP: 27|TP: 87|ATP: 10|DFP: 13|MST: 58|ATA: 61|EVP: 53|LCK: 10|