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*pictures show default character

STATS: The FOmarl is one of two force characters that dont completely suck on the battlefield(along with the FOmar). Her ATP and ATA aren't close to the Hunte or Ranger renge, but they're far better than that of the FOnewm or FOnewearl. They're not bad characters if you want to concentrate on technique-using and getting good in other catagories. But if you use the Cast-and-run stratagey, or have a strong party to protect you, you'll probably want the superior mental capabilities of the other two Forces instead.

WEAPONS: The one thing that I really like about the FOmarl is that they have and ATA high enough to use specialty Handguns decently. They're rare, but if you stumble upon a Handgun with a TP-draining (draining the other enimies TP)Heart, Mind, Soul or Giest abilites, you'll have a great source of renewable TP. And nothing beats offing a foe by a spell cast with its own TP. Dim series weapons (Dim Shadow, Dark, and Hell) and the one Hit kill abilites are quite usefull too.

Starting Stats:
_____________________________________________________ HP: 29|TP: 79|ATP: 13|DFP: 10|MST: 53|ATA: 64|EVP: 35|LCK: 10|