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*pictures show default character

STATS: FOmars have a much higher attack power than any other Force character, but their MST and TP stats the lowest in the class. Thus, despite being the most balanced Force character, the FOmar is challenging to play since he doesn't excel in any perticular area. Like the RAmarl, this is a good choice for seasoned PSO players looking for something new. Those seeking a more traditional Force experience will be better served by choosing one of the other characters.

WEAPONS: The FOmar is burly enough to do some damage with a handgun or a slicer, and if you can find one with the draw, heart, or dim abilities, you'll be able to wreak some pretty respectible havoc. Just be sure to keep a wand handy for when you need to boost the FOmar's lacking MST to learn a new technique.

Starting Stats:
_____________________________________________________ HP: 29|TP: 79|ATP: 13|DFP: 10|MST: 53|ATA: 64|EVP: 35|LCK: 10|