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Welcome to the official 9 Of All manga website. This is a series that I am working on, in which i will be showing the manga here, FOR FREE! But before that, i have listed the updates below.


5/17/04-Grand Opening!
Well, by the heading, you can obviously tell this is the day of the grand opening. My site is basicly based on my own series called 9 Of All. I wont go into the story now because you can read it when i put it on the site. now cant you. Anyway, I wanna get whoever who visits used to my site layout, which is a little strange. Below is the Navagation (below this box), and it will obviously help you, well, navagate. So, take a trip or two around this site, then head on over to my other site which is based on PSO, which is in-turn short for Phantasy Star Online. So go there if your a fan of it. Also, when I put up the forum, it is the PSO Legend forum, so ur gonna have to get used to the PSO theme goin on. K? Well, til next update, See ya!