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Chapter 1

"Ahh," a deep, raspy voice said. "So you want to hear the story of Kiyo? Well, okay, here it goes.

They were by a small house in the middle of a lush, green, tropical rain forest.

"Move it along!" a voice yelled.

"Please, NO!" a woman screamed. "Dont hurt my baby!"

"Shut up! Who's incharge here, huh?! Me, or you?!" The man continued as he shoved the woman to the ground.

"," she muttered weakly.

"Ha Ha Ha!" He yelled. "Just for your defiance...kill the baby!"

"NO!" She screamed

"Kill it now!"

Another man came up, took the baby, and put a blade to its neck.

"Stop," a mysterious voice said that seemed to come out of nowhere. "Put the baby down...NOW!"

"Who's there?!" The man yelled. "Show yourself!"

"Put the baby down!" the voice yelled again.

"Heh...Kill it!" the man screamed.

The man with the baby pressed the blade right on the baby's windpipe. He went, and slit its neck, only to be stopped by a barrage of bullets. The man slowly fell to the ground, into a puddle of his own blood.

" killed him," the other man said.

"I only use force when I have to." The voice said calmly, and then stepped from the depths of the forest, and into the light.

He had a mowhawk, all black, except for the tip, which was bright green. He had black line tribal markings, one on each side of his mowhawk. He had pointy ears, like an elf, and he had another marking on his chin. His eyes were a heroic looking, with a little evil. He defanatly wasn't the nicest guy in the world, and he had a marking under each eye.

He wore a shirt with the sleeves ripped off, and he had baggy pants with black boots. He also bore two
Mac 11/9's, which had sound supressors.

"Th-thank you," the woman said as she stood and got her baby.

"Dont worry about it"

"I am very grateful, but i have to ask...who are you?" she asked as the other man ran away.

"Heh, I'm Kiyo Mitsurugi," He said as he vanished into thin air.

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