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konnichi-wa and ni-how!

[agent orange] well hello. welcome to the worst site in the world wide web. might look nice but my layout is very simple and the content is well, how do i say this...boring? anyhoo, look around and pretend to enjoy this site. [heheh i just might be modest...] im trying to be accepted by a bunch of fanlistings and cliques; so i updating like CRAZY...i don't to be turned down!!! ack! how embarrassing! [apparently im too stupid to understand "where is your code?" so i can be accepted by some fanlistings...errrrrr...this is embarrassing...] anyhoo, im sort of boyish, childish, wimpy, annoying and sappy. [like a regular loser teenager] im not very loving but i have *shock!* a soft side...*shudders* don't tell anybody!!! besides from being a big loser i like incubus, the whites stripes, the postal service and the pillows so im somewhat VERY cool. hahah. anyhoo, that's your opinion...



hey! whoo! christmas! okay. i have a new site now. but ill probably still update magna carta: calintz or whatever i called it. i can't remember. NEW!


Gaia Online anime roleplaying community tell them agentorange referred you


pics of daily life in doodles and pics. yah.


yay! bulma or whatever she wants to be called made me a blinkie. but she was too lazy to make it blink! whoohoo! it purple and has a cat! yay for cats! im away at from my computer right now so ill add it later. i recently joined some fanlistings and took a few pics of my lovely daily life. ho hum. anyhoo, happy thanksgiving and keep it surreal!

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