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The Shooting Stars!

Hello and welcome to my Gundam Wing Fansite Everything you would want to need to know about Gundam Wing! and the show's cute Gundam Pilots, not to mention the other characters as well. Welcome to my site! Everything will be up and running again shirtly the site is going through a major update and make-over so please be Patient with me I am working as fast as I can!

July 31, 2004-

Updates yes we all love those don't we? Well as you can see this new layout is an update in itselfs, but hehe I'm paning on more information on the Characters. Possibly some AMVs as well... Maybe. I'll have to make a few more to make a decent AMV page. We will also have a photo gallery and a Yaoi Proof page with screen captures taken right from the show to prove that there is some yaoi love in the series.

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