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Here is my fanfic section for your reading pleasure, all of them are off-site for now only because I don't know how to put them directly on the site.... YET! If you wish to help me because you are so wonderful you can email me at: ok? ok! Thanks! (Raven's Midnight Light - IS ME!) The fisc are linked to just so you know... You can review the fics there ^_^;;

Note that these fics ARE YAOI! YES YAOI! So if you don't like yaoi wait and I'll make a non-yaoi fanfiction section for you special ok!

Raven's Midnight Light's FanFics

The Smallest Things
Why Me?
Death and Rebirth
The Dark One's Aura
Gundam Christmas

Link Worshiper's Fanfics

Smells Like Teen Spirit
By The Way
Coming Through the Rye
Paper Lanterns
Loving Angels
Loving Death
Lil Tin Flower Red Stitches & A Rain Soaked Angel

Bane's Desire's Fanfics

A Grudging Seduction