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Story Line

My Favorite Things About The Show

A.C. (After Colony) 175

For almost 200 years humans have been living around the Lagrange points around the Earth's orbit. Throughout this time everything was peaceful while under the United Earth Sphere Alliance... that is UNTIL a new powerful group which doesn't consider the colonies equal and begins to take over the Alliance. The Romefeller Foundation is resonsible for the interference. The Romefeller Foundation is a provider of very costly and profitable humanoid weapons that become known as Mobile Suits or MS. Every MS has the power of a tank brigade and can't be destroyed! With time, The Romefeller Foundation remodels one of it's companies (OZ) into private MS corps. These loyal and trained troops, known as the Specials over to take the Alliance's structure, giving Romefeller almost total control of the Alliance's power. Unknown to the Alliance. two children of the leader of the Sanc Kingdom (a small nation that tried to oppose Romefeller and paid for it!) have survived!

The year is now A.C. 195

After several years of suffering, a rebel group decides to strike with Operation Meteor. Along with some help from (5) of the scientists who originally developed Romefeller's Mobile Suits, five MS's called Gundams are built and crewed by trained 15 year-old pilots! The plan is to send them to wage war against the Alliance. But things go awry... and the ultimate pursuit for good over evil evolves!