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Welcome to the rules section to DBZRPG! These rules are here to make sure that we all have a good time playing, and keeps lamers from messing things up! This RPG is a FREEFORM RPG, which means there isn't a bot running things, but even freeform RPG's have rules, so bare with us. And by the end of reading all of this if you still have some questions feel free to message an OP.
  1. No being all-knowing and all-seeing. This means if your character is in one area of the world, and you see some people rping their characters on the other side, you do NOT know what those characters are doing nor do you have any knowledge of their events.
  2. Fighting
    This DBZRPG is a free form one in that the battles and such are not handled by a bot, rolling dice, or anything of that matter. This means that you're being trusted to do things right. This means NO powergaming, godmoding, auto hitting, and close ended poses. If you don't know what this means here is a very simple example:
    The Right Way
    *Goku flies up behind Frieza and uses his arms to try and wrap around the aliens neck and then attempt to snap it!
    The Wrong Way
    *Goku flies beind Frieza and wraps his arms around the aliens neck, snapping it.

    The Right Way Explanation
    In the first pose we see Goku flying up beind Frieza and then saying he is attempting to put his arms around Frieza's neck and then snap it. You see how there is no finality in the pose. Goku does not say he got his arms around Frieza's neck or that he actually snapped it. This is called an open-ended pose.
    The Wrong Way Explanation
    In the second pose Goku simply grabs onto Frieza's neck and snaps it which doesn't allow for Frieza to do what is called a counter pose, a response to another persons attack or movement. This is called a closed-pose and is NOT allowed.

    Counter Posing
    A counter pose would be like the following:
    *Goku flies up behind Frieza and uses his arms to try and wrap around the aliens neck and then attempt to snap it!
    *Frieza reaches his arms up and grabs onto Goku's before they can fully grab around his neck. He then brings his left leg up to smash into Goku's leg.
    *Goku groans as Frieza hits his leg into his own but he still manages to keep his arms in place, trying to snap the aliens neck.
    And so the fight would continue on as such. Just remember when you are fighting to leave everything open, don't assume your character will automatically hit even if you believe it will. You never know what the other character might do in a certain situation.
  3. No Stealing Moves
    Original characters can NOT have another's attack without the possible consent of an operator. If your character has never met Vegeta or Gokou, how is he going to be able to do a Big Bang Attack or Kamehameha?

    God Characters
    My character can take on Super Saiyan 3 Gokou and Buu at the same time, while drinking a can of Pepsi.
    That's alittle exagerrated sure, but what I mean is: making a character to be introduced to the rpg that is already nearly as powerful as the main characters isn't too fair. Instead, use gradual development for your character. You know, train, have him create learn new attacks or whatever (with permission of the Ops plz) , delve deeper into his/her ability! Remember, Gokou and the others trained for years (decades actually) to become as strong as they are.
    Well, basically thats all.I might put,more on here when I think of them but for now this is it.These rules are from the Ultimate DBZRPG, which I believe is one of my links.