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INUYASHA VS. KURAMA...Who's hotter?

~Hmmm…Who’s hotter you ask? Kurama or Inuyasha? Hmmm… That’s a tough one.~ Inuyasha gives Raine his awesome smile with the one little cute fang hanging out. ~Okay! Inuyasha wins!~ Kurama looks sad at Raine. ~I’m so sorry Kurama… Okay, u win Kurama!~

”WHAT?!?” yells Inuyasha while giving Raine a vicious look and flexing his claws.

~Okay! Don’t be hasty now! He…he…ERMMMM…dangerous claws… OKAY! You win Inuyasha!~

Kurama gives Raine a disgusted look and pulls out his rose whip.

~Okay! You win Kurama! DON’T HURT ME!~

“How could you choose him over me, Raine?” growls Inuyasha while pulling out the Tetsaiga.


“That’s what I thought,” says Inuyasha.

“But, Raine, I’m way prettier than him, and stronger too! You should pick me,” whines Kurama.

“What was that?” asks Inuyasha.

“You heard me you wimpy mutt,” Kurama replies.

“You wanna go, pinky?” Inuyasha asks, his left eye twitching. Raine gasps.

“Why not? I could use some practice, though you’re hardly worth my time,” answers Kurama.

“GRRR!!!” Inuyasha lunges at Kurama with the Tetsaiga. Kurama has his rose whip ready.

* * *
Five minutes later…
* * *

~Oh, my… It appears that they killed each other…~ Raine pokes both of them in the chest with a stick.

“It appears they did, darling,” Sesshomaru says walking up to Raine.

~OH! Hello! How are you, Sesshy?~

“I’m great, but how are you?”

~I’m doing just dandy, thanks.~ Raine smiles at Sesshomaru.

“Let’s go then,” Sesshomaru says.

~Okey dokey!~ Raine hops onto Sesshomaru’s back and they fly away.

* * *
Five minutes later while flying…
* * *

~Your so pretty Sesshy!~

“I know.”

~Now, if only you’d get rid of these pests…~ Raine looks from Rin to Jakin.

“Whatever you want dear.” Sesshomaru takes Jakin’s staff with the old people’s heads on it and beats Jakin over the head with it until he dies. Sesshomaru then uses his ultra super powers to make Rin’s head explode.

Raine and Sesshomaru lived happily ever after.

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