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Stuff about me

I'm Philip Nathaniel. Born in the Philippines and internationally raised everywhere else around the world. I'm just your basic average filipino guy who is more of a gamer than a player. I'm on this world with no specific task to do that I know of so I live life one day at a time with a playstation controller in one hand and everything else on the other. I'm a dreamer, a planner, a wisher who sometimes looks up in the sky and ends up thinking whatelse is next. I'm a believer who needs to see proof first yet everything else is left into trust and faith. I'm a listener, a thinker, an observer who always has a question in mind with answers nowhere to be found. Yes, this is me. Nothing less and alittle bit more, everything else is just extra space to be filled.

My own quote:
"I may act like a kid, but life isn't all about being serious"

Seriousness really doesn't suit me and it isn't fun plus it isn't a pretty site. hehe =D But I am still human so I do have a serious side. Rarely shown though yet it is there. Can you tell the difference? lol

Call me, Beep me
if you wanna reach me

days until that time of year again
What's new with me
"3 weeks left out of 3 months worth of summer vacation!!! Den am back to being a smart student for another 6 months!!!"
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