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AniMe InSOmNiA GAllEry : GuNDam 1

GunDam DeAThScYthE heLL

Same pilot, modifications have been made, however. Wings generate a stealth field when closed, destroying any chance of the gundam being picked up by radar or electricity detectors. The scythe now has two output slots, one them is adjstable to different angles. The armor has been reinforced to take nearly twice as much damage then on the previous model.

GuNdaM DeaThScYtHe hEll CuStoM

An upgraded version of Deathscythe Hell, seen first in the movie 'Endless Waltz' Scythe is still used as the main weapon, although it only has one blade, the power outlet has been dramtically increased. The wings, when closed, still serve as stealth generators. The Armor has been upgraded yet again so that it takes even more of a beating. Due to weight limitaions, the shield was removed and also because it was no longer needed for defensive or offensive purposes.