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The Story

For 1000 years, Spira was in fear of Sin, a great monster. Sin was punishing the citizens for using the forbidden machina in the great wars. To fight Sin, strong summoners would travle to Zanarkand, the ruins of..what was..the greatest city in Spria. This summoners were able to call and control devastating manifestations of the fayth, aeons, into battle. These summoners sacrificed their lives and a life of a chosen guardian to defeat Sin. But this was only temporary. This period of time, was called the "Calm."

Final Fantasy X-2 is the story about Yuna. She was able to stop Sin...permanetly, and live. BUT, she was forced to say good bye to Tidus. Now, she is in search of finding out the truth about what happened. On the search for spheres, with her guardians; Paine and Rikku.



Paine is awsome. So I made this layout. This site is mostly for the costume pictures, because Paine doesn't really have that much information told about her. But that's okay! The pages I have up are..Home page,(this one!)..

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