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Naruto Summary

So far in Naruto there are 75 episodes!!!

Naruto episode 1:The first episode starts showing how the 4th hokage beats Kyuubi or the demon fox thing. Then it show him putting a seal on naruto to keep Kyuubi in there. Then the scene switches to Naruto messing up everything with paint. He then goes to the Hokage statues and paints it with more stuff. He then tries to camouflage through the fence but the Iruka comes and yells at him. The scene then switches again to Naruto;s class room. The whole class has to then do a whole test of doing Transform or Henge. After Sasuke goes Naruto transforms into a naked woman and calls it sexy no jutsu. Iruka yells at him and now Naruto has to clean the mess he made before.
Then Iruka insists to take him for some ramen. Later Everyone has to take the test to becaome a ninja. Everyone has to atleast make 3 bunshins. But Naruto fails and he didn't even make one that works.
Later that day Mizuki then talks to Naruto and how he could become a ninja. Naruto goes missing and he stole the Scroll of SEalings. This scroll showed many forbidden techniques.
Once Iruka got to Naruto, Mizuki threw shuriken at Iruka. Iruka gaurded Naruto and told him to run. Mizuki then was running to find Naruto but then Iruka and Mizuki fought and Naruto hid behind a tree. When Iruka was about to get killed by Mizuki though, Naruto jumped in and hit Mizuki. Naruto then used Kage Bunshin or Shadow replication and beat up Mizuki. Then Iruka gave Naruto a headband and Naruto became a ninja.