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Bunshin no jutsu:
A technique mastered by all ninja. This technique makes a shadow clone that can only be used for a decoy

A technique used by Sakura.It makes fake clones to trick the enemy.

Demonic Ice Mirrors:
It surrounds a part with Ice mirrors and lets the user go inside of them and then transports them to different mirrors to make it hard for the enemy to catch them. Only shinobi with that advance bloodline can use this technique.

Harem no Jutsu:
Used by Naruto, it combines kage bunshin no jutsu with transforming to a nude lady.

a technique that transforms you into another person.

Kage Bunshin no Jutsu:
Almost the same as Bunshin no jutsu but Kage Bunshin makes real clones.

Kawirimi no jutsu:
A body switching jutsu. Using their speed they would make an object looking likke themselves to confuse an enemy.

only the Abarume clan can use and its preformed by Abarume Shino. There are bugs stored inside any of the Abarume clan and is contolled by. This jutsu is used to control these dreadful bugs and use them as a technique.