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Mystic Enchantress's Musik Vid's Page

Yep, you guessed it - this is the Anime Musik ViDs section. Here, youíll find what Iíve done or what my other friends have done.

*Ahem* One more thing. If YOU have an anime clip that you want here on the site, email me. There are requirements (Listed below). But none too many. Címon, itís only four.


  1. The file has to be in Windows Media Player, Quick Time Player, Real Player or Real One Player.
  2. The file has to be under 6MB
  3. No strings attached. The file must not require DivX or WinMX, not to be zipped or nothing else but the file itself.
  4. Copywrite it and give me your name or nickname. Eg. Anime4Me. Whatever, as long as I have a name for you work (Donít worry, I won't call it as my own). If you don't, I will respect your wishes and leave it as anonymous. This has to be your OWN work. Not an anime music video file that came from any other website.

Clip created by: firelizard_720 Right click and select "Save Target As" to download this clip. Ordinary Girl
 Song: "Ordinary Girl" - Card Captor Sakura
 Anime/s: Card Captor Sakura
 File Size: 1.73 MB

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