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                     ::Seto Kaiba::
Kaiba's rich...
Multimillion rich. He manages his own accounts, 
rides limos everywhere, and has an unlimited passion 
for Duel Monsters. He even created the ultimate 
gaming place, "Kaiba Land". He can't live with
the fact that Yugi beat him, but he realizes that Yugi 
changes when he starts to play a game. He also knows that 
Yugi's pendent is the key to his
transformation. However, if you take away the pendent 
Yugi is still capable of transforming into the game 
master. His ultimate goal in life is to beat Yugi 
using whatever means necessary. Seto has a younger brother 
named Mokuba. Mokuba shares the passion of gaming, and 
wants to see Yugi humiliated for messing with his brother. 
Since both parents died, and both were sent to an orphanage, 
Seto promised Mokuba that he would take care of them no 
matter what. Seto challenged the president of the Kaiba 
Corporation, Gozaburo Kaiba, to a 
game of chess when he came to the orphanage to adopt. 
As a reward for the game, Seto and Mokuba became his adopted sons. 
However, Gozaburo treated Seto cruelly 
to train his successor. That is why Seto is so cold-hearted. Even 
though Kaiba is the wealthy CEO of his own multinational 
high-tech corporation, KaibaCorp, his real passions lay in 
the world of Duel Monsters. There, he uses his ruthless business 
drive to overcome any who challenge him. 
He is an expert in the art of dueling and although he resents him, 
Kaiba is slowly developing respect for Yugi. We may see Kaiba 
straying from his selfish ways just yet!