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Image done by Goddess Moon! Thank you!
Image done by Goddess Moon! Thank you!! 
 Updated: 11 July 2004
              Established : 1 Jan 1999 (as part of the Mamoru Chiba shrine, "My Love: MAMORU  CHIBA")
                          Re-established : 1 February 2000 (as a site of its own, "MAMORU FANFICTION")
Header Image done by: Goddess Moon
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"Mamoru Fanfiction": 
An archive showcasing only 
 *excellent* Mamoru Chiba 
 stories. Enjoy them!
11 July 2004 - No actual update yet, just
                        fixing some broken links. 
                        Thank you to Tigeress for
                        pointing them out to me.

(Image on the right made by Destiny Rose. Thanks, 
girl ~_^) 

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