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MaiTai's Anime & Manga

MaiTai's Anime & Manga

Aloha! (Konnichiwa! Hello!) Mahalo nui loa for coming to my site! (Thanks so much! Dommo arigato!)

Hello! My name is Mai AKA MaiTai and this is my anime homepage! This site includes information and pictures from all my favorite Japanese anime and manga. I'm still working on this site so check out what I have so far. ^_^

Lemme Tell Ya Something About Me

My name is Mai. I am currently 15 years old, 16 on June 20th. I live on the Island of Hawaii, Hawaii, or more commonly/locally known as the Big Island of Hawaii. I'm full-Japanese and I'm crazy about my ethnicity! I wish I lived in Japan because then I could be closer to everything that I love!...But then again I'd miss all my friends here in Hawaii...I guess nobody can have it all... oh well.
Anyways, I have two sisters, one older one younger. Yup, you heard right, I'm the middle child. I have no pets, except for three virtual pets on Neopets.Com and all the stray cats, mongoose, spiders, and bugs we have at my house (not saying we have a lot of those, but we do have them. lol)

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