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Who controls the mirror’s reflection,
Controls reality…
For what are we,
but mere facets of cordiality…?

We dip and bow in life’s slow waltz
With graceful, flowing strides,
Yet behind it all, we plot and plan
With ever-growing lies…

The mirror shows our “real world” selves,
Our happiness, our denial…
And through it all, we face ourselves
And show nothing but a smile.


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Final Fantasy 7

Sephiroth - by zak the dark elf

Draconovich's art - All I can say is... wow... Go check out all of his pictures. ^_^;


Naruto - by zak the dark elf

Kingdom Hearts

Jack on Curling Hill - by Riku

Sora on Jack's Tombstone - by Riku


Pirate Pals (Sora and Cloud) - by Riku

Gaia Online anime roleplaying community
- Lots of art here... and roleplaying. It's a giant anime community. Get your own little character and buy clothing to dress him/her up.