O.K!! What I have circled is wut I'm goin to download!!

Ok, after you click on the thing you want to download, a prompt will come up. You want to OPEN the file. I have it circled

Ok, after the download completes, winzip will appeer (i cant spell that word, sorry) You want to use The Evaluation Version. Click on it

Click on Next to start the download

This thing will come up, askin you if you want to add the file to your favorites. Click no.

Make sure the default is set on Unzip and Install file.whatever, its should be the top option. Click next

Click the UNZIP option at the bottom.

after the download, click finish and another window should pop up with the file that you downloaded in it.

Ok, make sure you are in THE SIMS/GAME DATA folder. The window which the downloaded file is in should be minimized to about half-size or at least so you can see the Skins/Objects/Walls/Floors folders at the top of the GAME DATA folder.

Click on the object file if there is one (if there is more than one then you should hold down the mouse and draw a rectangle around all the files so that all of them are highlighted.) Then, click the file(s) and drag it to one of the SKINS/ OBJECTS/ FLOORS/ WALLS folder. Release the object into the folder. And it should work.

Here is guide: clothes/heads/faces go into the SKINS FOLDER
furniture/doors/lights/windows/and rugs go into the OBJECTS FOLDER
floors go into the FLOORS FOLDER
walls go into the WALLS FOLDER

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