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What's New

"The Story"

Ok.. so here is the story. For about a week my website didn't work because I had a corrupted file. Resulting in my site only working on one computer (the one I use in this class) weird huh? No kidding I didn't believe it at first but it was proven true when it didn't work for showtime at home or anywhere else. I found it some what funny for how can my site only work and show online on this computer and not any other? One afternoon I came in after school and my teacher and I looked around for the problem. We found out it was a corrupted file. So after I uploaded it again I said when you look at it please don't tell me that it still doesn't work. Well you know that rule when someone tells you not to do something it means you have to do it? Well that's what happened he gave me the face he gave me every time he loaded my site and it wasn't working. I felt my face drop as he said nice roll-overs. I was still shocked that I was between screaming you meanie and crying.


I'm beginning to think that this computer has something against me. I never thought the day would come. I have never had so many freaky problems. Now certain not real good things only happen every now and then. Leaving my teacher and myself mystified.


Today is parent tag along day!!!!! My Daddy came to school with me today!!! HOW OH SO EXCITING!!!!! I have this feeling he's getting bored we just spent the last hour ignoring the teacher. First period was cool I suppose we sat and talked about a book "Shadow of the Dragon". Next I have P. E. we get to play tennis. It will end up being dumb as usual with my coach telling me how to hit a ball. Then I have math which is just ok and then my French teacher will be oh so happy with me for bringing my Daddy to school. BUT GUESS WHAT!!?!?!?!?!?!?! I'M IN MY WEB DESIGN CLASS :D BEST CLASS OF THE CLASS OF THE DAY!! I get to fool around with Flash and Dreamweaver and adobe photo shop. I also get to exercise my HTML (Hyper-Text Mark-up Language) skills.


I am working on changing the color for my mom she says that its annoying having purple over black. Of course I like it though I mean what would be the point in doing something that I didn't like on my website? I can't think of any good reason except for learning how to do something.


So last night I was looking at my site to see how many really lame mistakes I made. I can't count high enough first of all one of my flash documents that is required for a grade wasn't working and now at 6:44 am it is and by 3rd period it isn't going to work since all of my roll overs are showing as the old ones that have been gone for over 2 months. This site will never be finished I may never fix all the mistakes. I'll probably get a 1 if I have any luck left I will get a 2 which would be good. I studied for my French Finals it's worth 20% of my grade and I am getting distracted by the song my web teacher is playing. What can I say I like the song!! I will probably bomb finals. I need time to stop so I can catch up on this site it didn't help much being sick for 2 days and missing the class and then missing another class because of a doctors appointment. Mac computers scare me did I mention that? Okay.. I must continue and work on other pages. My brain my die soon.

A few hours later...


It's 10:25am yes I am still awake surprisingly. I've gotten through 2 hours of school now. And maybe there is a god my site wasn't due today it was pushed back to this Thursday. I hope I can get enough text and what not on my pages. My pathetic weak hands won't type fast enough sadly. Oh well so I am going to work on the rest of my site. I just added a new page it's called My French Notes.

It's a random time in the unknown universe. on 1/15/04

ok I have a French Final today ZUT! Sorry translation damn.
I could possibly get a good grade. I just remembered I can't really remember all of the conjugation of the verb Faire. I'm glad its multiple choice. Ok Au Revoir for now.