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# Item Status
1 get pictures of my friends continuous (got one)
3 Make this site more interesting


4 make a spot to email me Done
5 put links to other pages of my site within text done a few
6 put lots more content on this site continuous
7 put a guest book need to learn
8 put up a chat board need to learn
9 Put a Reference Page getting to it
10 put a message board getting to it
11 get text to blink I have a clue I think
12 make banners Still getting to it
13 make a splash page finished
14 create and games on my site need to learn
15 Put a forum up need to learn
16 Create another page for French Club got to it made it (ongoing)
17 get this site to work without errors continuously working on it
18 create a "complaint page" might get to it before spring break (or skip it)
19 finish reformating the rest of my site FINISHED