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Bored are ya? Well check out some of these sites not many at the moment but there will be more!!! Some of these links aren't actually games they just have information about games or cheat codes. Some of these sites may or may not have pop ups. Also some of these sites have to do with games that people pay to play and some of these aren't really games they're just things to do when you have nothing better to do but surf the net. Eventually I may get a list of good games to buy and play, if I have played on these sites recently I will not put a rate because the only reason I put the link up is because I think it is descent enough.


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Informational sites for games


the sims online (TSO)

Games that I own/play and have played
  • The original The Sims all the way to Sims Makin' Magic expansion pack (I liked all of the expansions though a few of them were kinda dumb though now I am waiting for Sims 2: The Next Generation to come out in September sometime;PC)
  • Need For Speed 3 (Graphics were descent and I could actually drive the car unlike NFS2;PC)
  • Need For Seed (I can't remember which NFS it is but it has very good controls; GameCube)
  • The Sims (It was fun since it was the first one for game consoles though I wouldn't bother playing it again; Gamecube)
  • The Sims Bustin' Out (It was similar to the first sims for the gamecube though much better in my opinion; Gamecube)
  • The Sims Bustin' Out (Similar to Sims Bustin' Out for GC though in a country farm setting.; GBA)
  • Animal Crossing (kinda like sims but not as advanced more of a childish version of it; GC)
  • Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 (I think um I suck at it because yea I can't even skateboard in real life my favorite trick is trying to stay on the board [which I've started getting the hang of];GC)
  • The Matrix (Well I don't really like shooting games because well I suck at those two the Matrix was pretty easy on easy mode *laughs at her patheticness*; GC)
  • Hunter: The Reckoning (Upon reaching one of "the bosses" in the game and not being able to pass it on my 1 millionth time I gave up and traded it in though it's only rated mature for bloody graphics which weren't that bad;GC)
  • DDR Max 1/2 (Different songs are always nice though I'm not cordinated enough to keep up; PS2)
  • Kya (I don't like the graphics occasionally I try to look from behind her and see whats happening infront except that I'll be sitting in a wall and cannot see a thing; PS2)
  • .Hack//infection (Graphics are descent and it's not entirely all that hard to fight; PS2)
Note: I've played each one of The Sims expansion packs from the time I got my rear end out of bed [around 10-11am] until 4 in the morning. The Sims, Sims Bustin' Out for both GBA (Game Boy Advance) and Gamecube were fun to play because though it keeps the point of the first sims (command your family and have fun killing them or not rise up in job ranking and such) but gives you goals to do in order to unlock items. Personally I don't like having to wait to unlock items in the game but if you know what you're doing in the game it's not entirely all that hard.