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What's Going ON


There is a parent /teacher /student night French club meeting on Thursday the 13th of October at Valhalla in the library at 6:30. Cost and ways of paying will be one of the topics for the evening. There will also be a French club meeting at lunch every Thursday from now on.

If you are interested in going to France next summer you can get more information at the next French Club meeting. Meetings are held on Thursdays at lunch. You may bring your lunch and eat during the meeting.


December 4 is the French Cultural night at 6:30. Bring your friends

Monday November 10,2003 Parent Tag Along Day school gets out at 12:15pm

Tuesday November 11, 2003 Veterans Day NO SCHOOL

Wednesday November 12, 2003 School resumes normal schedule again :( I mean :D

November 21, 2003 SHOWTIME

Thursday and Friday November 27 & 28 Turkey Break


I'm typing something to put on this page constantly.

Heck if I know what's going on they don't tell me to the last minute. Therefore there won't be much on this page that is up to date

......7:47am Friday October 10th.....

what to put on this page maybe i'll type a bunch of letters... or just type nonsence stuff. not much is going on except that i think the bell is about to ring and i'm not sure if i'm gonna get a good grade on this today... i hope i do... still working on a guestbook... what to do what to do...

~~~~10:18am Friday October 24~~~~

Here I go again trying to type interesting stuff for this site. So here is an event coming up.

~~~~10:49am Monday November 17, 2003~~~~

It rained most of yesterday!!! To bad its not going to rain today. I don't wan to go to pe not that it matters we have a test on tennis. How very fun!!!!

~~~~~8:00 am Thursday January 15,2004~~~~~

I added a page with some French notes but I still have to figure out how I want to get text with accent marks and what not. So to get to the page click here. Today we have to present our sites I swear to god that this site better work. Ok have to do other stuff. Bye.