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Ladue Anime Club : : Artwork

Got artwork you want featured on this site? Send it to us, along with the following info:

Artist's Name:

Name of Piece:

Artist's Comments: (Not mandatory)


Name of Piece: "The Angry Princess" (Colored Version)

Artist: Sheila Wong

Artist's Comments: I drew this after I saw a picture called "Haruna Maid" by an artist named Priscilla "Percy" Hamby. I drew the "Angry Princess" with a black permanent marker and colored it in Photoshop.

Although, she doesn't look very angry, does she? No, didn't think so. ^-^

Name of Piece: "Uzumaki Naruto" (Colored Version)

Artist: Sheena Wong

Artist's Comments: This was originally drawn with pencil, then colored in Adobe Photoshop. (A backround was also added to it.) Naruto ownz!

Image has been scaled down! To see the original, click here.