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[01.06.2004] Reopening of the site, woohoo! anyway this will be a Lain themed site so I will eventually have more stuff to add over time so anyway enjoy the limited available links.

[12.20.2003] This will be the Special Site, as for what I will do here...I have no clue! :P thats the downer when you have a mega man fansite and a personal site and one more site that you just don't have any purpose for...maybe I should use this as a Lain Fan site, Oh that gives me an idea...I need to upload Duvet from the opening of Lain its only natural since this is a lain layout, the series is so cool, one of my favorites. Being one of three sites run by me updates may be slow if any cus sadly I may just cut this site loose since I have to make regular updates to the others so if the date has been changed and a journal entry made then this site was not completely abandoned.




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