i have so much to tell you guys about what happened to me everyday as i take the train to work. Somehow or rather i do not like to make friends and people are jealous and envious of my self-assuring yet hardworking attitude. One thing is clear, i will always be me.

I would like to take this chance to tell the ladies and guys out there who like to touch me on board the train - you all sucks. You are all ugly, old fat hags and stinkos! A confident and sane being will never take the initiative to get attention by touching another person without his consent.

Here's to all you pathetic fools - beat it! I have never seen handsome and pretty ones taking the initiative because they attracts naturally. As for those who are just trying to get attention - puke! Just blame your parents for not being able to make it perfect out of you!

i am not being rude but this is the truth, this is life

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