"The Real Game" Reflection

1) Maglev PowerPoint

I had to use thinking skills, managing skills and organizational skills. I had to manage my money and choose what to spend it on carefully or I would go over budget. To do this, I had use thinking skills and organizational skills to decide what I "needed" and what I "wanted". I had to prioritize what was important (a need) and what was a luxury (a want). Also, depending on my job, I had to choose my essentials. For example, I was a computer engineer, obviously, I needed a computer to do my work on it.

2) If you had a similar assignment to do now, would you do anything differently? What? Why? Why not?

Not really. I thought through on everything I needed to decide. I also revised everything. So, there wouldn't be anything that I would do differently. However, since this assignment sort of based it on one's decision for their role history, I might have read through them more thoroughly and looked for something that really reflected me.

I chose the role of a Computer Engineer, that doesn't fully reflect me. I do like to work with computers, but not in programing, I like to work with programs. I excell in graphic design which i really wanted to find in the role history but i guess i must've missed it. In the future, I hope to do something with graphical design. One could say that it is my dream job.

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