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No Place Like Far, Far Away.


Serita crouched down behind the couch with her older brother Saruko. Saruko had his hands over Serita's ears. He knew a seven-year old shouldn't be listening to some the words coming out of his father's and older brother's mouths. Then again, he knew even a twelve-year old kid shouldn't, either.

"I won't help you! Ever! I'm never going to become an assasin. I'm going to go to the city. I'm going to go to school there, and get an honest job. I'm taking Serita and Saruko with me, too," Serita and Saruko's older brother growled.

Saruko heard his father sigh heavily.

"Your ideals of this world and your life are sadly asinine. Childish, really. Such a disappointment. And, I'm afraid you will not be going anywhere," Saruko heard his father said in a semi-emotionless tone. The only emotion Saruko could sense from his father's voice was anger. Extreme anger.

Then came Saruko's least favorite sound. A gunshot.

Serita jumped a bit, her eyes widening.

Blood splattered on the wall just beside the couch. Saruko heard his brother fall heavily to the ground.

Saruko took a deep breath, only then realizing he'd been holding it.

He heard the door open then slam, and after a few minutes Saruko led Serita out, one hand over her eyes to keep her from looking at their brother's dead body, and into the kitchen.

Saruko shivered. No doubt when their stepmother came home their father would say Saruko and Serita had done it. Then he knew the stepmonster known as Rina would blame it all on Serita. Saruko shuddered at the thought of what would happen then.

"Seri," Saruko hissed. "Go to your room. Get what you really really want, then come back here. Get our money, too."

He swallowed hard as Serita nodded and ran to their room.

We have to go. Saruko thought. There's no other options. Well, no good ones, anyway...

Saruko sighed, shaking his head. He went over to one of the cupboards, pulling out a small cooler. He emptied a couple trays of ice into, then put some bottles of water and juice in. Then he put as much bread as he could into a plastic bag and stuffed it in the cooler, knowing he was squishing the bread but didn't care.

When Serita walked out Saruko saw that the ratty little bad Serita had was hardly full at all. He knew exactly what was in it, too. His stuffed dog, her stuffed cat, and the tin box that had all their money inside of it.

Saruko motioned for her to come to him, then he opened the bag and put apples, pudding, a box of matches, a small battery powered lantern, four flashlights, and a few packs of batteries into it.

Saruko took a shaky breath. "Alright," he said after a couple seconds. "Let's go, sis."


Lyrical Quote: "It looks like a good day to run..."